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Real Estate Auctions

This avenue of liquidating property is becoming more popular in the present day. It is an effective and quick way of moving a piece or pieces of property. We work together with local real estate brokers to establish a fair market price. and then through advertising, open houses and communicating with community members.

Antique Sales

Items with considerable age; often have considerable value. We have seen an influx of these types of items and have developed a clientele that appreciates the finest in antique and collectibles. We hold periodic special sales with a specific focus on these type of items.

Farm Auctions

With the population growing older and the younger generation often not interested in pursuing this vocation; the best option for disbursing of ones assets is to have an auction sale. This is where on a specific day a local farmers possessions are advertised and sold to the highest bidder.

Receivership Auctions

We have worked together with a couple of company’s and law firms to disperse of items that have not been paid for or have been abandoned. We offer set up and a full staff of professional to carry out the sale and delivery of necessary services.

Estate Auctions

The passing of a loved one is always a very traumatic time in a families life. There are many decisions that need to be made including the decision regarding the possessions of that individual. If the family is not wanting to keep these items; an auction is a very quick and efficient way of dealing with this.

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